Install the decoration panel on the left and right of the instrument panel. Inspect with the diagnostic malfunction tester to see whether there is any Proceed to next step. Руководство по эксплуатации Chery Bonus 3. Руководство по эксплуатации, ремонту и ТО Chery Amulet с г. Мануал содержит иллюстрированное издание по техническому обслуживанию Чеpи QQ, Чеpи Свыт , оборудованных бензиновым двигателем: Подробнее 27 марта , посмотрело: High-speed motor Low-speed motor Rotating speed:

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Мануалы CHERY

Clutch Assembly Schematic 1. Please check the connection.

Repair or replace Verify that the fuel pipe has any blockage or Proceed to next bending and to see whether the pressure step. In the case of tire burst, the sudden turning of the wheels can be effectively avoided.

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Loosen the bolts between the lining and rear bumper. All the BCM манула must be tightened carefully. Page presses on the airbag due to the effect of inertia, the airbag is pressed and the air will be discharged from the discharging hole, so that the kinetic energy resulted by the collision between the driver and the airbag can be absorbed, манцал preventing the driver from injuring. As shown in the figure, disengage the latch of glass panel lock and the fastening base with screwdriver, then remove the lock of glass panel.

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The right picture shows the status of the power steering oil tube of the steering gear removed. The frequency of the station will flash for 10 seconds while broadcasting the program амнуал the tuned station. When handle being released, the switch automatically reset. Turn off the ignition switch, keep pressing the control button to prevent the sunroof from automatic closing.


Фамилия человека, который первым полетел в космос.

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Page Pull out the harness Abnormal connector the motor, directly connect the battery Replace the hydraulic control unit supply to the battery terminals and check whether the motor operate normally.

Page coil resistance. Take off spring seat and compression spring. Connect a multimeter between the output terminal voltage regulator positive grid and the grounding terminal 2 to measure the voltage. Настоящая книга из серии «Ремонт без проблем» очень детально описывает все стадии по эксплуатации автомобиля Чери Тигго и инструкции по мапуал неисправностей и устранению их своими силами.

Chery automobile Service Manual

Page Remove the two fastening bolts in the front of interior trim rim. Overhaul of the hydraulic power pump Check if the hydraulic power pump is clogged. Servicing a vehicle can be dangerous.

Remove the two bolts connecting the instrument panel center and the bracket. Inspect with the diagnostic malfunction tester to see whether there is any Proceed to next step. Chery company reserves 200г right to alter the specifications and contents of this manual without obligation or advanced notice.

Rinse and clean the carbon deposit on the bottom of the cylinder bore.


Install 2 tapping screws M6 on fuel tank mouth. The player fails to function Check the fuse player and vehicle and the connector.

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Page Assemble the fork assembly into its right position, and then assemble the idler shaft. Disconnect the connector of the 1 Proceed to Step 4 cylinder fuel injector on the wiring harness, and inspect with multimeter to Connect diode-testing light high-pressure switch and increase the engine speed slowly.

So if the surface of the bulb becomes dirty, the excessive heat will be accumulated, which would result in shortening the life span of the bulb. Добавить фирму письмо Войти Мануад. Loosen the fixing bolts of the crank pulley and take out the bolts and washer to pull out the pulley use a gear puller, if necessary.

On one side, it is available to control the temperature and pressure of refrigeration and heating system, and, on the other side, it is also used to control the temperature of air inside the vehicle, the blowing rate and direction.